Streamlined dynamic model for the prediction of PV self-consumption: Paper on outPHit tool published in the journal “Bauphysik”


A scientific article detailing outPHit’s PV Economy Tool was featured in the December edition of the "Bauphysik” journal. outPHit partners from the University of Innsbruck (AT), Fabian Ochs and Georgios Dermentzi, were awarded at the BauSIM conference in September for their paper on the tool, which led to the article's publication. The PV Economy Tool will soon be offered as add-on to PHPP. It allows users to enter costs and financial support for PV systems so that these can be compared to the electricity consumption that can be covered by PV as well as that which can be sold. This simple calculation of PV self-consumption can be employed even before the design phase to understand if PV for a particular project makes financial sense.

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Photo: Passive House Institute

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