outPHit outcomes


The outPHit project is resulting in a number of interesting outcomes –  be they informational materials, guidelines, protocols or tools. While most will also be published on this website under the corresponding categories, this list should serve to give an overview of the most interesteing project deliverables.

Decision Making Support

With warming climate conditions, the topic of resilience to overheating is becoming increasingly important. High indoor temperatures are a matter of comfort and are highly related to health. This guideline for summer comfort has been written to raise awareness and aid building designers in developing a robust strategy to ensure thermal comfort all year round. The provided design aid helps identify effective passive cooling techniques and analyse potential summer comfort risks of a project.


  • Simplified monitoring approach for energy parameters

    High quality deep retrofits not only reduce energy consumption to sustainable levels but also make for even surface temperatures, heightened thermal comfort and appreciably improved indoor air quality. The approach thus describes a pre and post retrofit monitoring process for energy relevant data as well as for indoor air quality including mould and airborne fungal spores.


  • Instructions for adequate monitoring equipment for living quality assessment

    Deep retrofits offer the unique advantage to not only reduce energy consumption to sustainable levels and cover a large part of the residual demand with on-site RES but also implement a holistic improvement of the indoor environment.  The large number of projects in a wide geographical area that are investigated as demonstration projects of the outPHit project offer the unique opportunity to apply a uniform sampling and evaluation method and derive comparable results. Here a documentation of the methodology of sampling and evaluation. Because the measurement of air quality should be done simultaneously with the collection of energetic measurement data, this document refers on the simplified monitoring approach for energy paramenters whereas the measurement of the air quality is depicted in more detail.