Deep retrofits



Faster and cheaper

To be in line with international climate goals, Europe's building stock must be climate neutral by 2050, yet the current rate of retrofitting is not nearly high enough to achieve this. There is thus an urgent need to retrofit our buildings fast and give a much needed boost to Europe's renovation rates. For this, we need retrofitting solutions that are easier, faster and more cost-effective. A variety of retrofitting approaches that make use of prefabrication and streamlined processes have been developed over the years as an answer to this challenge.


Quality is key

In the rush to retrofit, though, it is key that we retain a focus on energy performance and quality. This benefits those who live and work in retrofitted buildings by improving building integrity and levels of comfort while reducing running costs and vulnerability to energy poverty. It is also critical to avoid lock in effects, as a building's long life cycle means that the performance of every retrofit and its emissions potential will be "locked in" for generations to come.  When retrofitting, we need to do it right from the start. This is where the EnerPHit Standard, comes into play.

Fit for the future

By integrating Passive House quality with approaches that increase the simplicity and speed of retrofitting, we reach for climate friendly buildings founded on the efficiency first principle. This makes for retrofits that are truly fit for the future – both on the scale and of the quality needed to tackle the climate crisis. This is where outPHit's strength lies.