Case studies


Through outPHit, a variety of case studies will provide proof of concept in countries across Europe. While other building typologies may be investigated, the focus will mainly lie on multi-family buildings, as these it is here that solutions that put as little strain on tenants or owners as possible are needed most.

The renovation of each case study will be considered in terms of climate, occupancy and local construction practices with the goal of meeting the EnerPHit Standard for retrofits in line with Passive House principles. A common thread uniting all case studies, however, will be a focus on modular systems with high degrees of prefabrication as well as streamlined execution processes so as to shorten construction times and reduce the risk of errors.

Each outPHit case study is being monitored in terms of energy consumption, thermal comfort and air quality both pre and post retrofit according to standardised, simplified protocols developed for this purpose.

Complete list of case studies (pdf)
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Case Studies