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Résidence Colbert

Colombes, France

Code: OP08

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1970 built residential uilding in the dense centre of Colombes, a western suburb of Paris.

Original situation

The retrofitting process started in 2013, and the project consists of three buildings using the same construction methods (A: 2529 m2, B: 1523 m2, C: 1768 m2). All three buildings were retroffitted together. The buildings were using approximately 250 kWh/m2 of oil heating.

Renovation approach

The main retrofit steps were finished in 2020 after a 2-year delay. Some finishing touches are still being undertaken in 2022.

Renovation approach document

Modernisation proposal

Global prefabricated retrofit. The facade uses the "Panobloc" pre-fab facade system.

PHPP verification sheet after retrofit

TFA existing treated floor area (usable floor space)

5820.0 m2

Space heating Heating demand

20.0 kWh/(m2a)

Heating load

12.0  W/m2

Space cooling Cooling & dehum. demand

0.0 kWh/(m2a)

Cooling load

0.0 W/m2

Frequency of overheating (> 25 °C)

8.0 %

Frequency of excessively high humidity (> 12 g/kg)

0.0 %

Airtightness Pressurization test result n50

0.6 /h

Non-renewable Primary Energy (PE) PE demand

117.0 kWh/(m2a)

Generation of renewable energy (in relation to projected building footprint area)

152.0 kWh/(m2a)

Key facts

Building typology

Urban settlement | housing colony

Existing treated floor area (usable floor space)

5 820 m2

Building owner


Consulting outphit partner


Project status



Etienne Vekemans
Phone: 0145081335