Our approach


Imagine you want to buy a smart phone and there is no single retailer who can tell you about its features, what it will cost, when it can be delivered or if it has a any kind of warranty. A far more complicated version of this is where people typically find themselves when they wish to renovate their buildings. We believe that this is not only unacceptable, it is one of the biggest hindrances on the path to reducing emissions from the building stock.

outPHit: Facilitating deep retrofit

outPHit brings all the pieces together to facilitate rapid deep retrofitting solutions. We believe in minimising the number of points of contact when it comes to the planning, coordination, financing and execution of a renovation, including consulting services during the project, quality assurance and any warranty claims thereafter. Services that these few contact points should be able to provide include:

What might be called a one-stop-shop approach to deep retrofits lends itself especially well to that bring several trades to the table from the very beginning such as EnerPHit, pefabrication and serial renovation.