Retrofitting methods



Over the years, a wide variety of methods have been developed to make energy retrofits both faster and cheaper. outPHit is taking advantage of two main methods in particular with the EnerPHit Standard as the basis.

Streamlining conventional retrofitting

Conventional retrofitting can be challenging, especially in terms of timing and costs. These challenges can be significantly lessened with streamlined processes. Such processes optimally organise the multitude of organisations involved in a successful retrofit while providing building owners with accurate and timely information, allowing them to make informed decisions on energy efficiency improvements. A streamlined, approach helps building owners rank alternatives at each critical step in the process, building the case for investments in energy savings.

Prefabrication is simplification

Serial renovation and energiesprong approaches make use of pre-fabricated components, assembled off-site and transported to the construction site. Digitised building processes combined with prefabricated wall and roof assemblies as well as prefabricated building modules bring all the actors and components together from the start and reduce the cost and time needed to retrofit. The benefits become even more evident when larger numbers of similar buildings can be retrofit in one go with more or less the same assemblies. With the addition of solar panels, such concepts can transform existing buildings into completely renovated producers of renewable energy in a matter of weeks. Residents often needn't even leave their homes while the retrofit is being carried out.

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