Recordings of the Greek Renovation Workshop now available


Earlier this year, on 5 May 2022, the Hellenic Passive House Institute and the outPHit consortium organised a Renovation Workshop at Innovathens in Athens, Greece.

The workshop featured seven presentations that showed how prefabricated systems can be applied in retrofitting projects and how they can be implemented in a way that does not put too much stress on the building's users.

Now, all seven presentations are uploaded to the YouTube channel of the International Passive House Association (iPHA) for you to enjoy at your own pace:


Jan Steiger: About the outPHit project
Nuria Antón Dìaz: outPHit case study projects in Spain
Dimitris Pallantzas: Renovation Principles for Greece (in Greek)
Stefanos Pallantzas - outPHit projects in Greece (in Greek)
Rainer Pfluger: Deep renovation of educational buildings
Tanja Schulz: Serial Renovation for Passive House Schools
Etienne Vekemans: French case study projects

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