outPHit case study presented in Greek national TV


It’s not a matter of prices, not even a matter of gas or oil. It’s just efficiency!

The new webchannel of the Greek national television, ERTNEWS, presented the energy upgrade of our outphit pilot project, the residence in Papagou, in its special edition 'Environment' on October 18th, 2022. The famous greek journalist Katerina Christofillidou, who came to the residence 2 years ago, just before renovation started, conducted an interview about the results of the project with the house owner and the engineer responsible for the renovation, Stefanos Pallantzas, head of HPHI.

The video shows the house before and after the upgrade while focusing on the mouldy areas in the house and the energy bills that the owner used to pay. The owner of the house pointed out that the heating costs amounted to 700 euros per month and 5,000 euros per year for cooling and heating. She said: “We live in a totally different house now!” She explained that since middle of August she didn’t use any kind of energy for cooling or heating until now. After the upgrade, the house improved its energy behavior by 7 classes and currently saves 95% of energy costs. The owner continued: "It's not about whether we burn gas or oil, it's about everyone insulating their houses." Stefanos Pallantzas added: “We managed to to get the best result we could by using the state subsidy and through streamlined renovation. This house won’t have energy issues this winter!"

Watch the interview online at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbe0Ba4MSdI!

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