New video details impressive EnerPHit retrofit in Madrid


A very demanding deep renovation of a historical Spanish office building has now been documented via outPHit. The newly released project video provides designers and general audiences alike with a look how outPHit consortium partner VAND arquitectura is working to optimise the energy performance of this historical building, which originally dates back to 1903. The video also provides a glimpse of the creative solutions employed, especially when it comes to achieving good airthightness, and serves as an inspiration for the countless historical buildings across Europe in need of renovation.

Project details, a variety of photos and documents detailing the renovation approach round off the documentation of this project and outPHIt will soon make many construction details available. Currently, this over 3,000 square metre office space is undergoing certification to the EnerPHit Standard for renovations in line with Passive House principles. The video detailing the Castellana project is the first of many videos to be produced on the basis of outPHIt’s case studies.

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Photo: Ruiz Larrea


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