New report showcases potential of on-site usage of Renewable Energy Systems


The outPHit team has now published a new report on the renewable energy potential in several case study projects across Europe based on their PHPP calculation. The research showed the importance of a minimized space heating demand as a prerequisite of high renewable energy coverage. This is where the EnerPHit standard comes into play – the case study project in Gabrovo (BG), for example, achieves an 84% reduction in space heating energy demand over the refurbished as-built, code compliant condition, with moderate effort. The space heating demand is the single biggest driver for energy use in buildings in Europe and can be tackled very effectively and in a cost-effective manner. Greatly reduced energy demand in some instances facilitates even absolute PER coverage of buildings. This and more finding as well as more details about the impact of EV charging and battery storage on the grid load can now be read in the latest Report on potential of on-site usage of RES by following district or battery storage approach .

The new report is just one of many exciting and relevant outcomes of the outPHit project. At this years International Passive House Conference in Innsbruck (AT) on 5 & 6 April 2024, participants and interested stakeholders can learn more about the project findings and highly energy-efficient retrofits. Check out the programme here!

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