outPHit featured on leading EU research portal


The EU Commission gives a nod to the significance of quality and cost-effectiveness in successful renovations a newly released article on the outPHit project. Published as a part of a results pack on the European Unions’s Cordis research results portal, the text is based on an interview with Climate Alliance Communications Director and outPHit Consortium partner Sarah Mekjian. While providing a look at outPHit’s results in brief, the article also highlights the importance of renovation’s social benefits. The interview draws attention to the fact that “achieving building energy efficiency is a pressing social issue” and, in the words of Sarah Mekjian, that “it is also about the only way we are going to tackle energy poverty.” The entire results pack containing the interview as well as further key project facts is now available online in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish as part of a multilingual collection of up-to-date articles on EU-funded projects and results.

Read the interview and results pack here

Photo: R. Claret

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