Working group



Municipalities across Europe recognise the need for energy retrofits of their building stock, yet clear ideas on how to implement appropriate retrofitting programmes as well as best practice examples are often lacking. At the same time, municipalities are principle stakeholders in the so-called renovation wave, not only as owners of many of the buildings in their territories, but also as drivers of the revonation of private buildings by their citizens.

The need for exchange on the topic, both in terms of access to both experts in the field as well the sharing of best practices and experiences across municipalities is of the essence.

A municipal working group on buildings

A practitioner’s group can help fill the void, providing municipal technical experts interested in deep energy retrofits inspiring best practice examples, opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, and access to expert advice. Such a practitioner’s group will thus be launched through outPHit and form the basis of a Climate Alliance Municipal Working Group on Buildings, uniting municipal representatives across Europe not only on deep retrofits but on the key topic of building sustainability more generally well into the future.

Working group goals

  • Be a platform for peer to peer exchange of challenges and solutions
  • Provide practical knowledge to municipal constituents on energy efficient building concepts with a special focus on retrofitting.
  • Inform outPHit results to insure their applicability to municipal realities

The Municipal Working Group on Buildings will be launched in autumn 2021 will a call for interested municipal representatives to be announced by early summer. The Municipal Working Group on Buildings was launched in autumn 2021. Read about our plans in our Practitioners' Group Concept Note (pdf) and stay tuned for upcoming meetings on our events section.