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Multifamily House Dünenweg

Hamburg, Germany

Code: CS25

View from the outside
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Efficiency improvement
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Original situation

The building is located in the Dünenweg district of Hamburg’s “Ladenbeker Dreieck”. It consists of 18 residential built in 1961 in double-wall brick construction. The roof and top floor ceiling were renovated in 2016, when the basement ceiling was also insulated from below. The building is connected to a local heating network with heat distributed via radiators. The façade and windows are being modernised as part of the OutPHit project.

Renovation approach

The renovation is currently in the design phase.

Modernisation proposal

The windows and façade will receive an energy upgrade and all flats will be equipped with a heat recovery ventilation system. A prefabricated façade including both windows and ventilation elements will be employed. Importantly, solutions to reduce the thermal bridges of the building’s balcony elements will be elaborated and a refurbishment roadmap will be drawn up containing requirements and recommendations for further refurbishment steps. The goal is to achieve the EnerPHit Standard at the end of all renovation measures.

PHPP verification sheet before retrofit

PHPP verification sheet after retrofit

Key facts

Building typology

Multi family dwelling

Existing treated floor area (usable floor space)

1 335 m2

Building owner

Wohnbaugenossenschaft eG Bergedorf Bille

Consulting outphit partner

Passive House Institute

Project status

Planning phase


Tanja Schulz
Passive House Institute
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