Manufacturer's workshop in Athens, Greece

5.5.2022, 16:00 – 5.5.2022, 18:00, Innovathen, Athens, Greece


As part of the first outPHit project meeting in Greece, the Hellenic Passive House Institute invites manufacturers to join their workshop to discuss deep, prefabricated retrofit solutions with Passive House components. The workshop will detail how prefabricated systems can be applied in retrofitting projects and how they can be implemented in a way that does not put too much stress on the building's users.

As a bonus, the workshop will take a special look at school buildings in particular and how standardised approaches for this building type could look. Since the existing building sector needs to be retrofitted to a building stock with almost zero energy consumption to meet Europe's energy targets for 2030, highly efficient and fast retrofit approaches and their adoption are of utmost importance.

The workshop will occur at Innovathens in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens on Thursday, 5 May at 4.00 PM.

Photo: pixabay

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