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Social Housing Goes Polder

Goes, Netherlands

Code: OP31

Outside view of a building unit
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Prefab wall modules
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Original situation

194 terraced houses owned by a social housing company called Beveland Wonen. The houses have an energy consumption (calculated) of 200 kWh/m2/year and a measured consumption of about 100kWh/m2/year. The difference is caused by the human factor based on the limited budget the habitants have to pay for energy. People simply don’t heat parts of the house and accept lower temperatures in the living space. At the end of the day these are social houses for people who cannot effort to buy a house. The monthly rent is also partly subsidized.
It’s a concrete structure from the 1960’s with masonry façades, single glazing and a modern HR+ natural gas heater. There is no insulation in the façade and roof whatsoever. There is also no ventilation system, ventilation has to be via the opening of the windows.


Renovation approach

The project has been finished completely, all 197 houses. The monitoring will be in place after a go from contractor, the social housing company and the inhabitants , but it can already be concluded that the energy consumption has dropped as expected. This was very welcoming this winter because due to the war in Ukraine energy prices were extremely high.

Efficiency improvement

The energy savings will be 75% in relation to the average heat demand and the comfort and interior air quality will increase enormously. In fact, the energy savings are much higher than 75% if you compare the thermal comfort they experience after the renovation. To achieve this level of thermal comfort, the habitants would have been heating the complete house to a minimum of 20 degrees celcius in the winter. The heat demand would have been 200kWh/m2/year and the saving would have been almost 90%. Futhermore the risk of mould in the old situation without sufficiant heating was considarable.



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Key facts

Building typology

Urban settlement | housing colony

Existing treated floor area (usable floor space)

25 000 m2

Building owner

Beveland Wonen

Consulting outphit partner


Project status



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