Monitoring of renovation results begins in Spain, Greece and France


Metered energy consumption and indoor comfort post-renovation are now being tracked in real time for outPHit case studies in three countries. Wireless, battery-powered equipment is currently monitoring weather parameters as well as indoor temperatures, relative humidity and carbon dioxide concentrations alongside utility metered energy consumption in the first five buildings having undergone renovation to the EnerPHit standard. Further case studies will soon follow.

This post-renovation monitoring phase can be compared to the results of monitoring pre-retrofit and will provide concrete data on the effects of the retrofit measures taken including the resulting energy performance and any improvements in living comfort. A dedicated database set up to collect the information the sensors provide will soon also allow for the automated comparison of each renovation’s actual performance to that which was expected on the basis of planning. Collection of post-renovation data will thus prove critical in demonstrating the success of streamlined, high-performance renovation approaches.

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