The 25th International Passive House Conference

10.9.2021 – 15.9.2021, Wuppertal, Germany και online


The construction sector is booming and many good projects have been developed or are in progress. The biggest challenges that lie ahead of us are deep retrofits for existing buildings worldwide. The International Passive House Conference will address – among other topics – possible solutions for prefabricated construction and renovation concepts for highly efficient new build projects and renovations. Therefore the outPHit project was put in the spotlight and presented during Ses­si­on 7: Pre­fab­ric­ated ret­ro­fit­ting: The out­PHit pro­ject

In this session, speakers reported on various projects in which the concept has proven successful. Areas of application of prefabricated renovation and field reports from projects realized in different countries shed light on different aspects and approaches depending on the building material and the client's requirements for the project.

After his presentation, Rainer Pfluger, a professor at the University of Innsbruck and a key player in the OutPHit initiative, has been interviewed by Passive House Podcast co-host Zack Semke where he explained the main concepts of the project and its effort to deliver EnerPHit-level retrofits at scale.

However, session 7 was not the only one in which different topics in relation to the outPHit project were discussed. These vary from PHPP approaches to multipane windows, summer comfort, affordable housing, and post-occupancy monitoring. Below the titles of such presentations:

  • Guidance for robust summer comfort design (Session 4)
  • Lebenszyklusbilanzen opaker Passivhausbauteile (Session 6)
  • Multipane windows in the PHPP (Session 16)
  • Optimisation approaches for affordable and energy-efficient construction (Session 16)
  • Energy consulting with PHPP (Session 16)
  • Affordable housing: Mitigating costs by enhanced PH coordination (Session 16)
  • Post-occupancy monitoring: What to observe, how to select equipment (Session 16)

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